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Do you live on the other side of the world and want to get married outdoors on our beautiful island? That’s absolutely no problem!
Mallorca is fortunate to have not only fantastic weather almost all year round, but also incredible locations, reliable infrastructure, and excellent suppliers. Not to mention its air connections to the most important cities in the world.

Mallorca is fortunate to have not only fantastic weather almost all year round, but also incredible locations, reliable infrastructure, and excellent suppliers. Not to mention its air connections to the most important cities in the world. 

Step 1

Getting to know you and listening to you.

We ask you to fill in a simple form with some details of your wedding and then we arrange a call to get to know you. We’ll listen to you and find out what you have in mind for your wedding day.

Step 2


Once we have received the information and had the call, we’ll send you a quote for our services, which can be:


Full wedding planning (includes venue search, wedding planning, and on-the-day coordination).

Full wedding planning plus pre- and/or post-wedding parties (includes location search, wedding planning and coordination on the day, search for and organization of pre- and post-wedding events).

On-the-day coordination (does not include location search or event planning; only the coordination on the day).

Location search, organisation of tour/tour of venues and coordination on the day (does not include event planning).

Small weddings (elopements) and engagements (includes search, planning and coordination on the day).

Step 3

Find your wedding venue

Once you’ve chosen and confirmed the service you require, we’ll start looking for locations. 

We search for places that match what you’re looking for, depending on your tastes, style, needs and budget. We’ll send you different options, with information on how much the wedding would cost in each place, and we’ll ask you to decide which you would like to visit. 

Once the couple has made this choice, we’ll start to organise the visits. 

Step 4

First Visit: Tour of Potential Wedding Venues

Once the couple has selected the places they want to visit, we’ll organise a tour of venues across the island. This can last one (four venues), two (up to eight venues) or three days (up to twelve venues). In each place we’ll explain how the wedding would take place; the authorized or exclusive suppliers; the logistics and transport; the approximate cost; the advantages and disadvantages of each venue. On this day, not only do we meet in person, and have a great time touring the different corners of the island, but we are 100 per cent sure you’ll find the perfect place for your wedding. That special connection with the place simply exists. You will know your venue, without a doubt. 

When you hire us for wedding planning, we take care of contacting the vendors ourselves and confirming availability, rates, requesting contracts, invoices, coordinating schedules, etc. We handle this work for you.

Step 5

Contracting The Venue And Catering Company

Once you’ve chosen the venue, we’ll help you to sign the contracts with the venue and the authorised/exclusive catering company for the venue. 

Step 6

Planning The Wedding

Now the best part starts – organising your wedding!

Once the venue is confirmed, we give you our list of recommended suppliers. We don’t work exclusively with any supplier (catering, sound, musicians, photographers, videographers, stylists and makeup artists, florists, decorators, transport and accommodation) but they are all professional and reliable. 

We work with all the suppliers on the island and each couple is free to choose the suppliers they want on their wedding day – whether local or from abroad. We’re always happy to contact, hire and coordinate the event with any international suppliers that our couples want, such as photographers, videographers, musicians, DJs, celebrants, etc.

When you contract wedding planning, we contact the suppliers and take care of everything for you: confirming availability and rates, requesting contracts, invoices, coordinating schedules etc.

In the planning process we deal with issues such as:

  1. Introduction to suppliers and help with hiring them: photographers, videographers, makeup artists, stylists, caterers, transport, accommodation, celebrants or priests, florists and decorators, accommodation, among others. (The contracts and payments are made between couples and suppliers.) 
  2. If there is a religious ceremony, we look for chapels or churches near to the wedding venue. 
  3. If accommodation is required, a list of recommended villas, country houses and hotels is sent and/or special rates are requested from selected hotels. 
  4. Defining the concept/theme and style of the event so we can choose the flower and decoration suppliers.
  5. Managing the budget and payments.
  6. Periodic meetings with the couple, updating them at each stage of the process. 
  7. Arranging the event schedule and event script (event sequence). 
  8. Preparing a master document (Service Order) with information on the entire event.
  9. Organising and accompanying the couple to the menu tasting, and to the tableware and furniture showrooms. 
  10. Sending feedback on the menu tasting to the catering company.
  11. Preparing the seating plan and the list of dishes and special menus.
  12. Meeting and coordinating with all suppliers in the run up to the event.

Step 7

Second Visit: Menu Tasting, Tableware Selection and Makeup and Hairstyle Test

Menu tastings take place out of season, so we usually organise the tastings between October and April. We ask our couples to visit the island for about two or three days, to re-visit the venue of the celebration, taste the wedding food, do the makeup and hairstyle test, and visit the furniture and tableware showroom. During this visit we confirm the furniture and tableware, wedding menu, schedules and venue arrangements. After the visit, we send the report to the caterer. A meeting with decorators and florists and other suppliers can also be arranged if necessary.

Step 8

Third Visit: Final Pre - Wedding Meeting

A few days before the wedding, we hold a final meeting with the couple at the venue, to iron out the final details and review the entire wedding. We contact all suppliers and send them the wedding details.

Step 9

Coordinating The Wedding - The big day has arrived!

On the day, our team will have everything under control. They’ll have contacted the suppliers and will ensure that everything goes perfectly, just as planned.

We are calm, collected and professional. On the day, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Not only because we’ll deal with anything that arises, but because the event will unfold without any stress or pressure on our part. Everything will flow, in your time and with complete flexibility, allowing you to enjoy your wedding and be spontaneous.

Not only will you meet a team of professionals who love challenges and adventures, but also good friends who will listen carefully and make sure everything goes as you imagined. 

We are always delighted to share this great day with you! 

Step 10

Parties And Activities Before and After the Wedding

We love these events!

If you ask us to organise pre- or post-wedding parties, we find the venues and help with the hiring. We organise fun activities and parties to suit all tastes and budgets. 

Choose from pool parties, catamaran tours, brunch, paella, barbecues & buffets at beach clubs or country houses, wine tastings, cocktail parties in Palma’s Old Town or on the beach, rooftop parties, to name a few.